Hospital Privileges

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The hospital privileges tab behind the provider maintenance tab allows administrators to add or delete the names of hospitals at which providers have privileges for their WebAccounts profile.


To add a hospital to the provider's profile, click the drop down menu next to the "Add Hospital" field at the bottom of the screen, scroll the list and click on the hospital name you want to add to the profile.




Hospitals are listed in order of distance from the practice's primary physical address.  Fifty (50) hospitals will appear in the drop down menu.  If a  hospital you need does not appear on the list, contact Vested Health Provider Relations by telephone at 1-866-347-3640 or by email at


Once a hospital choice from the drop down menu is added to the provider's profile, the choice is removed from the list of available choices.  WebAccounts will accommodate an unlimited number of hospitals in each provider record.


To delete a hospital from a provider profile, click on the Delete hyperlink to the right of the hospital you want to delete. The screen will refresh and the facility will no longer be listed as part of the record.  Deleting a hospital from a provider record adds it back to the drop down list of available choices.


Clicking the ExitButton button returns you to the providers tab and the listing of healthcare professionals that provide billable services for your practice.